What’s it all about?

Gender equality is a fight for everyone. That’s why we’re asking men to take a stand and walk the talk for gender equality in the workplace.

A workplace where women get the same opportunities as men, and where men get to have the same work-life balance as women. Where shared paternity leave is taken for granted. And flexible working is the norm not the exception, so we can all prioritise what’s most important.

The more men talk about gender equality, the closer we get to making it happen.

Tell the world why you want a more gender equal workplace and #walkthetalk where you work.

Happier, less stressed men

Studies show men benefit when they balance work and life.

They smoke less, drink less, take recreational drugs less often. They’re less likely to go to A&E but more like to go to a doctor for routine checks. They’re also less likely to see a therapist, be diagnosed with depression or rely on prescription medication. Sociologist Michael Kimmel sums it up in his TED Talk, drawing on research from Catalyst and others.


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