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We’re asking for more men to start a conversation to help make gender equality in their company a reality. To say what needs to change.


Tweet your feet! Kick off your shoes, take a snap of your feet (socks on or off, we don’t mind) and tweet the pic.

You can use the phrase: “It’s not the shoes I wear, but what I stand for. Standing up for gender equality #walkthetalk. Or tweet your own message. Or just tweet your feet with #walkthetalk

If you want to do more, why not tell this story to your company? Chat to your HR department or your boss about ways you could take it further. Encourage other men to participate. The more we talk, the closer we get to making it happen.

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Retweet those feet!

Forward the pics and messages to your networks and ask male colleagues and friends what they think about it. Keep the conversation going by organising #walkthetalk events in your workplace. O2 employees are all going to wear #walkthetalk socks for a day and tweet – what can you come up with to help spread the word?

Get Involved


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