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How #walkthetalk came to be

Greengrass and O2 were the two sponsors who were eager to work together on a meaningful challenge in the arena of gender equality. In September 2016 we took this challenge to marketing magazine The Drum’s Do It Day where some of the world’s biggest brands and charities came together with volunteers from the creative industry to prove that marketing can change the world.

The challenge was how to engage men in the workplace to actively promote gender equality and understand the benefits it brings to both men and women. Our rallying cry became: ‘It’s not just a women’s issue, it’s an opportunity for all’.

There were some great ideas and the winner was #walkthetalk.

What we hope to achieve


Start small

The ambition for the campaign is to encourage men to raise their hand – or more accurately, bare their feet – and voice their wish for a more gender-equal workplace. To challenge the status quo. We recognised that many men understand that equality at work brings benefits for all, but unless they speak out about what they want, little progress will be made.

Think big

The hope is that the #walkthetalk campaign will be a catalyst for change and spur a movement of men who want to be champions of gender equality. This movement will trigger positive change for themselves and others in their place of work leading to a better work-life balance for both men and women. We’ll follow the tweeted feet of the campaign, in the hope that a year later we’ll be able to tell stories of change.

Men who know

Men who’re aware that gender bias exists but don’t feel they can say or do much about it. The #walkthetalk campaign is a way to start the conversation, and get friends and colleagues talking about gender equality where they work and how they can tackle it.

Men who don’t know (yet)

Men who’re unaware, or unsure of how gender equality benefits men as well as women. The #walkthetalk campaign raises the conversation on gender bias in their workplace giving them the opportunity to talk about it and explore what it means.


This campaign is designed to drive new conversations and deliver positive change for women with regard to gender equality in the workplace. It also raises awareness of the role men need to play in the debate and how they are able to benefit from a more equal working environment.

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